Your experience:

  • Just starting to cycle2
  • Been cycling a little while2
  • Been cycling for years2

Cycling on the road:

  • Is scary6
  • Is ok3
  • Doesn't bother me3

My usual rides are:

  • Less than 10 miles 6
  • Over 10 but less than 30 miles 4
  • Over 30 miles4

Group cycling

  • Isn't something I've done before7
  • Is uncomfortable6
  • Is fine5

My usual average speed is around

  • 13 miles an hour7
  • 15 miles an hour8
  • 18+ miles an hour9
You'd be welcome to join our Introductory ride on the first Sunday of each month
Please come along on our shorter C ride any Sunday
Please join us on on either shorter or longer C rides on any Sunday
Please join us on our B ride on any Sunday